Gio Designer Plumbing Products are only made of “solid brass” and no zinc is used in any product in the entire range. The Gio Products are Italian designed and all carry a 5 year warranty and are all inscribed with the notorious “Gio” Logo, if it doesn’t say Gio, Its not part of our range.

South Africa’s most reliable Braided Flexible Connector. If long-term reliability means anything to you, ask for CHURRASCO-branded SABS-approved Braided Flexible Connectors as a major component failure may cause great damage to your home. Our top of the range braided connectors are constructed with strong dezincification-resistant brass CuZn36Pb2As(CW602N), High Quality Austenic AISI 304 Stainless Steel wires as well as Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber with optimum bending radius which means they are extra flexible and non-toxic.

Benkiser is a German manufacturer of flush valves & angle valves which has been manufacturing for over 100 years. Benkiser angle valves work with a triple seal system which eliminate any possibility of leakage. All products are guaranteed by Benkiser Germany as well as Gio Plumbing South Africa.

ISM is a trusted brand that has been in South Africa since 1981. It specializes mainly in replacement parts and small plumbing solution items and all items are only made of brass. All products carry a 3 year warranty.

Neoperl is a Swiss company specializing in OEM parts to tap manufacturers worldwide such as aerators, flow regulators & shower hoses. Neoperl specialises in developing solutions for local plumbing conditions.

GIO Designer Bathroom Furniture is built to a very high standard & is available in a wide variety of colors & sizes namely 460mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1200mm & 1380mm.

There are various colors available namely Walnut, Wenge, Ash and Dark Oak to name a few. All wood finishes are made of Melamine. White and Grey Brown are made of MDF with a durable high gloss duco painted finish.

All Gio Designer Bathroom Furniture comes equipped with soft close drawer hinges to prevent from the drawers slamming closed. All basins supplied in Gio Bathroom Furniture are made of a composite material consisting of a high grade resin to give it strength and durability.